Zury 100% Human Brazilian Remy 8" Body Wave

Zury Hollywood

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Zury 100% Human Brazilian Remy 8" Body Wave

Discover the exceptional quality of the 100% Human Brazilian Remy Bundles of hair provided by the very reputable hair company, Zury. In each pack you will get 3 individually 8" hairs wrapped Brazilian Remy hair that is neatly packed and labeled, along with a closure piece, giving you a complete and bold new look. Not satisfied with the Natural color? Zury has your back! The hair also has the capability to be bleached, dyed, or permed. No one should be restricted from having the look they want.

Tips provided by Zury to ensure your Brazilian Bundle Hair‰۪s condition:
  • Shampoo and condition or provide enough nutrition by treating the hair with essential; treatment to achieve better styling (use keratin contained conditional).

  • Recommended to use a developer liquid of 20vol. & 30vol. to maintain hair's healthy condition.
  • Do not exceed 15 minutes when 40vol. used. Dry hair completely.
  • Do not exceed 20 minutes after applying bleach chemical on the hair. After bleaching, put the hair in cold water and rise thoroughly to close the cuticle.

After Bleaching:
  • Dry the hair with cold wind or air dry. Apply treatment at least once a week to maintain cgood condition. Frequently treat the hair with essential treatment.

If you would want to achieve lighter colors, apply nutritional treatment in between bleaching. One day after, apply one more time in the same way. The color comes out lighter in temperature between 85 degrees F to 104 degrees F while applying the bleach chemical