Sensationnel Empress Synthetic Lace Front Wig Bohemian


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Sensationnel Empress Synthetic Lace Front Wig Bohemian
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  • Rock out with some beautiful curls with the Sensationnel Empress Synthetic Lace Wig Bohemian. This synthetic unit offers a great natural look, along with a comfortable custom fit and a volumninous front. The wig also gives the freedom to move parting placement for the desired location and style.

    • Synthetic fiber
    • Mesh stocking cap fits any head shape or size
    1. Start off by adding warm water to your sink. While the water is running, slowly add a small amount of shampoo to the water, creating a bubble wash for your wig.
    2. After you check to make sure all hair pins, etc. have been removed from the wig, gently place it into the water and do not allow the wig lace cap to soak. During this time, do not mess with the wig in any way.
    3. After the wash, drain the water and allow water to slowly run over the wig in order to rinse off the shampoo. For curly or crimped wigs, run under very cold water as it will maintain the curls.

    4. To dry the wig, gently squeeze the water out. Do not twist or pull on it as this will greatly change how your wig will look. Lay your wig out on a towel overnight and spray with wig conditioner.
    5. After your wig dries the next day - if it is necessary to style the wig - do so only with a pick. Don't use a comb or brush.
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Sensationnel Empress Synthetic Lace Front Wig Bohemian