MilkyWay 100% Human Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions 14"


$ 35.99 

  • Clip-In Hair Extensions by MilkyWay 14" / 1 - Jet Black, Clip-in Hair - MilkyWay, Tisun - 1
  • Clip-In Hair Extensions by MilkyWay , Clip-in Hair - MilkyWay, Tisun - 2
  • Clip-In Hair Extensions by MilkyWay , Clip-in Hair - MilkyWay, Tisun - 3
1 - Jet Black
1B - Off Black
2 - Dark Brown
4 - Brown
613 - Bright Blonde
27/613 - Honey Blonde / Blonde
4/30 - Brown / Medium Auburn

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  • The MilkyWay Clip-In Hair Extensions is the 7 Pcs clip-in extension hair pack that allows you to have 1 minute make over to style you desire. The hair has identical texture as MilkyWay human weaving hair which known as one of the most popular and reliable hair on the market. The hair is specially treated to achieve the most natural texture and one directional cuticle reduces tangling.

    • Natural texture for the most natural styling.
    • 7 Pcs included.
    • 1 minute complete makeover.
  • How to Style

    1. Create a horizontal part about an inch above the nape of the neck and secure all surplus hair with hairdressing grips.
    2. Carefully attach the clip along the hairline starting from one end to another. Fully stretch out the weft as parallel as possible to the parting.
    3. Release the hair you held out of the way and create a new parting and repeat step 2.
    4. Ensure your own hair is combed over the weft and the clips so that the hair looks natural. Experiment and style as you desire using multiple lengths.

    How to Care

    1. Wash your hair clean and dry it completely before applying the weave.
    2. For manageability, put each row sparsely.
    3. When washing, use gently running water and do not rub vigorously.
    4. When combing, always comb bottom hair first and work your way up to the root.
  • MilkyWay is one of the most recognized hair brands in the world and its mission is to develop great styles for hair stylists and hair enthusiasts.

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