Classy Natural Virgin Hair Body Wave

Classy Signature

$ 43.99 

  • Classy Natural Virgin Hair Body Wave 12" / 1 - Jet Black, Human Hair - Classy, Tisun - 1
  • Classy Natural Virgin Hair Body Wave , Human Hair - Classy, Tisun - 2
1 - Jet Black
1B - Off Black
2 - Dark Brown
4 - Brown
1B/30 - Off Black Auburn

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  • The Classy Natural Virgin Hair Body Wave allows you the flexibility of accomplishing almost any style to perfection. The cuticles are kept in their natural orientation, root end first, in the preparation process. This helps the hair from tangling and matting, which helps maintain the hair's brilliant and natural luster. The hair is also free from any chemical processing, so breathe freely.

    • 100% Virgin Human Hair
    • Organic process with no chemicals involved.
    • Inspected by hand
    1. Gently untangle hair in natural direction before washing
    2. Use lukewarm water (70 degrees F), shampoo, follow with conditioner, rinse thoroughly.
    3. Do not chafe or wring the hair.
    4. Gently pat with dry towel to remove excess water.
    5. Dry and style hair as recommended by your hair stylist.
    • Always consult with professional hair stylist for best results.
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