What are crochet braids?

  • Crochet braids are a protective style that consists of braiding your natural hair into cornrows and weaving in hair extensions on the braid with the help of a crochet hook.

What is the difference between regular crochet braids and pre-looped?

  • Regular crochet braids are basically bulk hair (hair with no weft). In order to install this type of hair you would need to tie from one knot up to 3 knots. The knots you create hold the hair in place.
  • On the other hand pre-looped hair has a pre-made loop to quickly install without having to knot the hair. This type usually lays flatter, takes less time, and it’s ideal for beginners.

What are the advantages of non pre-looped crochet braids?

  • Since the hair is not pre-looped you are able to grab less hair within each section and distribute it to your liking. You are able to create areas that are less thick than others and this could ultimately lead to using less packs of hair overall.

How long does synthetic crochet braids last?

  • This depends on many factors but on average 2-4 weeks.

How do I maintain my crochet braids?

  • Taking care of your crochet braids depends on the style you have installed and the length, but generally you can follow these tips to keep your crochet braids looking fresh:
    • Wrap your hair every night with a scarf or bonnet.
    • Twist or braid your hair before bed. Usually 2-4 twists/braids is enough.
    • If applicable, detangle your hair at least twice a day. Finger combing is recommended.
    • Trim  any tangles, matting, or frizz out.
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