Vacation Hairstyles: Crochet Edition


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer. Pools are open, vacations are being planned and temperatures are heating up! Looking good and protecting our natural hair is the name of the game. Crochet styles are the best way to do both this season. As you prepare for the summer, here are the three best crochet styles for vacation:

Box Braids

Vacation Styles: Box Braids

Box braids have definitely made a comeback from the 90s. Now, you no longer have to sit 8 hours or longer to achieve this look. Crochet box braids can be achieved in half the time. To create a more natural look, 2-3 rows of individual box braids around the perimeter.

This style works perfectly for vacation for a number of reasons. Like traditional box braids, crochet box braids are versatile. You can search Pinterest or YouTube for easy updos for weddings or wear a messy bun for a lazy beach day.

If you need to wash your scalp, you can do so easily without wear and tear on the look of the style.


Vacation Styles: Curls

Big, fluffy curls are always in season. Especially for vacation time! You can choose to go modest with less volume or turn it up and go big. The options are endless. Synthetic crochet curls are popular because they dry quickly, do not lose their shape and match a variety of textures. Want a no-fuss look? Try voluminous curls with no leave out… meaning there’s virtually no maintenance required. Just sleep in a satin bonnet, fluff and go!

High Puff

Vacation Styles: High Puff

Some use protective styles to try new looks. Others want to protect their hair while maintaining their go to look. The high puff is the perfect style to do that. This style is done by using crochet hair that mimics your natural texture. The natural hair is secured in a bun (after being properly moisturized) and the crochet hair is added using one of several popular techniques. To maintain, just tie the base with a satin scarf at night. While this look isn’t ideal for swimming, it’s perfect for other types of vacations and is very low maintenance.

With Memorial Day weekend kicking off, show us how you’re keeping it cute (and low maintenance) with your summer crochet styles!

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