Three Questions to Ask Your Stylist Before Your Crochet Install


You’ve spent hours pinning your favorite crochet styles on Pinterest and watching reviews on YouTube. You’ve ordered your favorite curl pattern and made the appointment to have your crochet hair installed.


Before you jump head first (literally) into a crochet style, you need to have a conversation with your stylist to ensure that your natural hair is protected underneath your crochet style.

 Crochet Install

Question: Do I need to prep my hair prior to installation?

You’ll probably need to prepare your natural hair a few days prior to having your crochet style installed. Your stylist may recommend that you arrive with your hair washed and dried if s/he is not performing any day of treatments. If your hair is colored or relaxed, your stylist may suggest products that will help strengthen your hair. In most cases, the crochet hair is attached to a braid, which can be heavy on weaker strands.

To promote growth, ensure that your ends have been trimmed and hair is properly moisturized. Remove any protective styles at least two weeks prior to give your hair a break before installing crochet braids.

Crochet Style

Question: How long will my crochet style last?

This is important when considering the cost of your crochet style. It will help you determine how much to spend on the hair, the installation and prepare for maintenance visits. If you’re looking to wear the style for a specific event, it may make sense to purchase a less expensive brand/type of of hair.

Another thing to consider is the number of packs of hair the style will require. Be sure to show your stylist images of the style. You should share what you’re looking to achieve as far as volume, length, texture and color. Ask the stylist his/her experience with using different brands and curl patterns. S/he can shed light on which brands last longer and tips for maintenance.

Crochet Maintenance

Question: What maintenance services do you provide?

Proper maintenance will determine how long your style lasts as well as ensure that your natural hair is protected. However, maintenance services add to the overall cost of the crochet style. After discussing with your stylist, you may determine that you can do some of the maintenance on your own like shampooing.

In the past, I’ve had longer lengths cut into a bob to add additional weeks to the style. For a new look, you or your stylist can add strands of color to your crochet style after a couple of weeks. If you manipulate the style often, you may lose a few crochets. Ask your stylist the cost, if any, to reinstall.

Bonus: ALWAYS ask to see photos of the stylist's work.

Look for both styles similar and different from the one you want. Ask to see braid patterns and before/after pics of the stylist's work. Also, inquire about feedback on the style, hair and maintenance that previous clients have shared.

Now that you’ve asked all the right questions, show us your summer crochet styles by tagging #tisunbeauty to be featured!

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