The Twisting Miracle



Nudred is known as The Twisting Miracle. If you are currently natural or have been in the past, you know how much of a pain (literally) it is to twist your hair. Most of us naturals are always looking for better and more efficient ways to do our hair (regardless of style). Nudred's founder Bruce Boyd has stated that with Nudred there are no limits to when and where you can twist your hair.


Nudred is a sponge-like object that will twist your hair within a few minutes. With Nudred, you can save time and money. Nudred is not just for TWA’s. Nudred is for everyone. Regardless of the size of your ‘fro, it gets the job done.You can purchase Nudred in store at Tisun (5420 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC) or online at


If you decide to purchase Nudred, we would love your feedback, tag us as #Tisun on IG, Facebook and Twitter.




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