Recreate Celebrity Hairstyles with Crochet


Women often look to red carpets and social media to stay up to date with the latest hair trends. You may have a muse that you follow and try to recreate her latest looks. Of course, celebrities have access to the best hair stylists and products that may not be affordable to us everyday girls. No worries! I’ve found 3 popular celeb looks that can be done with crochet hair!

Twist & Curl

Twist & Curl Crochet

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Crochet styles look very natural when leave-out hair is incorporated. This style can be achieved using either braids or twists. Get creative with parting patterns, hair jewelry and color. My favorite hair to use for this style is the Freetress Bouncy Braid. The hair is tightly coiled and even after wetting, maintains its curl pattern. If you like big hair, this is perfect for you! The hair comes in a variety of colors, so you can play around by adding highlights or an ombré look.

Long Fro

Long Fro Crochet

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Big hair is always in season! This style is for women that are bold and love to make a statement with their hair. The best hair for this style is the Mane Concept Soft Water Type 4A. This hair is a perfect match for those with 4 A/B/C hair types. The blendability allows for a middle or side part. However, for a no fuss look, don’t leave hair out and install a full head of crochet hair. To maintain, twist in two jumbo twists at night.

Goddess Locs

Goddess Locs Crochet

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Not ready commit to actual locs? Try faux locs! This is a great transition style if you are growing your hair out from a shorter cut. The wavy ends give versatility to the look. Faux loc hair comes in sizes from small to jumbo as well as different curl/wave patterns at the end.

I like the Deja Vu Goddess Locs hair. The locs are lightweight, which creates less tension on your edges when pulling the hair up.

Send us pics of your favorite celebrity or social media muses so that we can show you how to recreate the looks with crochet hair!

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