Four Crochet Hair Styles You Can Rock


Hair is an accessory. Just like we decide what shoe to wear with a dress, we choose what hair to wear for different occasions. I can’t be the only one that wanted big curly hair for a wedding but needed braids a few weeks later for a vacation.

What’s a girl to do? Certainly not spend hundreds of dollars and as many hours at a hair salon.

Crochets are not only the healthiest protective style for natural hair - they are also the most versatile. As crochet styles have become more popular, brands have extended their offerings. You can now find textures that range from super curly to kinky/coarse as well as braids, twists and locs.


I’m super excited that when I choose to rock braided or twisted styles, they can be achieved much more quickly than traditional installation methods. With crochets, you can wear individual box braids, kinky twists or faux locs.

Shoulder length two strand twists are perfect for the office or the beach. This style is low maintenance and mimics kinky/coarse hair types. For an even more natural look, individual twists are installed around the perimeter. This allows you wear the twists up on a ponytail and part in different ways. The remaining hair is braided and the crochet hair is attached. Depending on the size and density of the hair, it typically takes 3-5 packs of crochet hair to complete this style.

To recreate this look, try these brands:

Cropped Curls

Cutting your hair is a big commitment. If you’re considering chopping your locs, wouldn’t it be cool to try it out first? Crochet styles provide the option to do that!

There are brands that sell shorter lengths for cropped styles. If you don’t find a curl pattern that you like in those shorter lengths, you (or your stylist) can purchase a longer length and cut it to the desired shape for your faux cut. You can also play with different colors as no hair is left out with these styles.

If you’re currently rocking a tapered cut and want to try a new look, add short curly crochets to protect the top of your hair. Depending on the style and curl pattern, 4-6 packs of hair are recommended.

To recreate this look, try these brands:

Curly Styles

There are endless options with curly crochet styles. Naturals with kinky/coarse hair especially love the synthetic curly hair as it very closely mimics the hair type.

When wearing voluminous curls, there’s no need to leave hair out around the perimeter. With no blending required, this is a very low maintenance style. Curly hair is great for the beach as it easily returns to its original curl pattern when wet. If the hair becomes tangled with wear, try cutting the hair to create a new look. The also increases the longevity of the style...saving time and money! The curl pattern and type of hair will determine how many packs are required for curly styles.

To recreate this look, try these brands:

Blown Out

We all love a sleek blown out look from time to time. However, consistent blow outs can lead to heat damage and hair loss. With the humidity in the spring and summer, natural hair will revert to its curly state very quickly.

Crochet hair provides the option to get the look without the hassle of a blow out. You can create any look that you’d like as blown out crochet hair is sold between 8 and 70 inches! This hair does not require any product for maintenance. For the most natural look, it’s best to leave hair out around the perimeter to blend. Straight hair is easy to manipulate so as the style ages you can braid or twist to create waves/curls. Depending on if hair is left out, blown out styles can require 3-7 packs of hair.

To recreate this look, try these brands:


Planning to try any of these styles? Share your pics with us on Instagram and tag @tisunbeauty.

Tune in next week when we talk about the newest trend in crochet styles… faux locs!


  • Posted on by Coatriana Azubuike

    What type of hair do I get for this style?.

  • Posted on by Victoria

    Do you sell the crochet hair

  • Posted on by This Is It Hair World

    Great! Happy to hear that you can change your look with different types of curly crochet hair.

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