Five Ways to Treat Heat Damaged Hair



Hey Ladies!

So you know we love to switch up our styles and once we find our favorite, we stick to it! One of the most popular styles is straightening/flat ironing.

How to Tell You Have Heat Damage:

  1. Your hair feels brittle/straw-like.
  2. If you are natural, your curls aren’t defined as before styling.
  3. Your hair is thin, have split ends or breakage.
  4. Your hair is dry and rough. 

Treating Heat Damaged Hair:

  1. Assess the Heat Damage

 Assess your hair and just how much damage you have. For some women in extreme cases, it goes to your roots and for others the damage is at the ends. Once you know how badly your hair is damaged you can take the necessary steps to revitalize your hair.

  1. Deep Clean Your Hair

  Cleaning your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar is the perfect solution to this. We often use many products on our hair without deep cleaning for days or a few weeks.

  1. Treat Hair with Protein | Protein treatments are vital in caring for hair.

There are multiple options available in store today. Aphogee has a great line of protein treatments or you can try homemade remedies. For example, egg treatments are the most popular for some protein treatment. Try giving yourself a protein treatment every two weeks for at least 2 months and monitor your progress.

  1. Reassess Your Hair

After you give yourself a few treatments and clarify (deep clean) your hair it’s time to reassess the damaged hair. Depending on your results you can follow the next step. Sometimes heat/color damage is irreversible. Meaning that after going through treatments you may need to trim/cut the damaged hair.

  1. Cut/Trim Damaged Hair

 If for any reason you do not see a significant amount of progress the next step is to trim your ends (if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, please see a licensed hair stylist).

I have experienced heat damage when I was relaxed and now I am natural. These are steps that I have taken to treat my hair years ago and in the last six months. I have also used these same steps for when I have had color-damaged hair (basically when a color is left in your hair too long).


I hope these five tips help you!

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