Fav Human Crochet Hair


Most crochet styles are done using synthetic hair. Synthetic hair has its advantages. It dries quickly, holds its shape even with constant manipulation and the cost is inexpensive. However, some ladies choose to rock with human hair. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, however, it can be reused. Simply detach the loop used to crochet and save for your next install.

Crochet styles with human hair require additional maintenance - however, you can be more versatile with the hair. If you tend to get bored easily, the ability to change up your crochet style in week 2 or 3 will add to the longevity of the style. You can use your favorite products that you use for your natural hair on the crocheted human hair! Don’t worry about product build up because you can wash (and condition) the hair as often as you like.

The decision to use synthetic or human hair for your crochet styles depend on your lifestyle and preferences. For summer beach trips, I’d recommend synthetic hair as it dries easily and maintains the curl pattern when wet. For weddings or everyday wear, I’d recommend human hair. Like with synthetic hair, you can choose a hair texture similar to your own to blend for a more realistic look. You can also experiment with a texture different than your own. If you do so, remember that it will require additional manipulation on your natural hair.

Below are 3 of my favorite types of human hair to use for crochet styles:

Milky Way Saga Super Curl

This hair can be worn super big and bold by combing it out. For a more subtle look, add water and mousse to define the curl pattern and tame the style.

Milky Way Wet & Wavy Super Bulk Braiding Hair

Wet and wavy hair is a favorite if you love versatility. This hair can be braided with a small amount of product at night to enhance the waves. It can be brushed and flat ironed for a blown out look. You can also use a curling iron, flexirods or perm rods to create fresh new looks.

A Plus Rock My Fro Afro Puff Bulk

Love the fro look but hate the maintenance? Super kinky crochet hair is key. This hair can be picked out for maximum volume. If you have 4c hair, you can braid or roll this hair with your own hair to create a seamless blend.

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