Crochet Hairstyles With Bangs


The fall is setting in and so are hair trends for this season. In cooler temps, bangs are front and center. Bangs are not one size fits all and can be worn in ways that complement your personal style. Whether you are rocking a short look or longer locks, bangs can take your look up a notch.

Barely There Bangs

Barely There Bangs

The myth about shorter looks is that you don’t have as many options as other styles. In addition to playing with color and textures on your cropped do’, you can add bangs to the look. If you aren’t ready to cut your actual hair, try the look with crochet hair. This season, barely there fringe bangs are making a comeback. Use Harlem 125 Kima Kalon crochet braiding hair to create a short, curly style. To maintain the shape, do not comb out the curls. Frame the face by snipping curls in the front from temple to temple.

High Bun and Bangs

High Bun and Bangs

A curly bun with bangs provides a fun twist on the popular messy bun look. With this style, the less uniform the bang, the better the hairstyle looks. This look can be created in several ways. One way, is to install passion twists (shown in picture above) using curly textured hair. Secure the twists in a bun on the top of your head allowing tendrils from the bun to fall forward into a bang. This look can also be achieved by installing a full head of kinky or curly crochet hair and styling in a bun. The look is low maintenance and remember, the messier, the better the style looks.

Half Up With Bangs

Half Up with Bangs

Typically, crochet styles can be worn 6-8 weeks. As the style ages, you may get bored and want to try new looks. One popular look is the half up, half down style. To create a bang, place the ponytail as close to your hairline as possible. You may have to trim about an inch in the front to get the desired length of your bang. Separate the curls to give volume and new life to an old style!

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