Beyonce Inspired Crochet Hair for Halloween


You don’t have to be a card carrying member of the Beyhive to know that Beyonce is the queen of Halloween. Every year, Bey and her family go all out in a series of themed Halloween costumes. Last year, the singer broke the internet when she posted pics of her recreation of Toni Braxton’s iconic 90s album cover.

Beyonce's recreation of Toni Braxton's iconic 90's album cover.

Social media has been buzzing about the Rapunzel length ponytail Beyonce wore to a recent event. Whether you’re looking to recreate one of Beyoncé’s performance or red carpet looks for Halloween, you can use crochet hair to achieve your look.

Beyonce's Rapunzel length ponytail.

Bey Big

Beyonce loves big hair.

Beyonce loves big hair. She’s been seen on tour and on red carpets rocking this look. To achieve this half up/half down look, install 3-5 packs of Wet Curly crochet hair in Honey Blonde. Initially, the hair is tightly coiled and resembles a 3B/4A hair type. Use a wide tooth comb to comb the hair out. You can go as big as you’d like by adding additional hair and combing out. You will need to leave about a quarter of your natural hair out to form the ponytail. The good thing about this style is that you can have fun and use a crochet texture that does not match your own hair. So little of your natural hair is left out, you don’t have to worry about blending.

Bey Braided

Beyonce rocked a new spin on box braids during her 2018 On The Run tour.

It’s Halloween so you may as well go all out, right? Beyonce rocked a new spin on box braids during her 2018 On The Run tour. If you’re feeling brave, part your hair to create 8-12 individual braids using Corkscrew crochet hair. The number of packs of hair that you use will depend on the thickness of the braids. Create a box braid and braid until you reach shoulder length. Use a rubber band to secure the braid and allow the remainder of the hair to hang loose. Use a denman brush to tease the hair to create volume.

Bey Natural

Beyonce's classic middle part signature style.

If you want to wear your Beyonce inspired hair long after Halloween, try her classic middle part signature style. Create a center part and leave a very thin layer of your hair out. Try Super Curl Human Hair to create a similar curl pattern to Beyoncé’s look. Use mousse or gel (depending on your hair type) to blend your leave out with the texture of the crochet hair. At night, dampen the hair by spritzing with water and branding the hair into 6-8 medium sized braids. 

Let us see your Queen Bey inspired looks for Halloween by tagging @tisunbeauty on Instagram!

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