Avoiding The Ugly Stage: Natural Hairstyles for Transitioning Hair

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As the new year approaches, many women think about changing up their looks… permanently. Major hair decisions have to be made as more women are abandoning chemicals and returning to their natural states. Some choose to do a big chop, which is cutting the air down to the roots resulting in a short cut or TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). Others consider wearing locs whether it be traditional locs or sisterlocs. However, you must go through the “ugly stage” before you have a head full of big natural coils or long healthy locs. Crochet styles can help you look your best during the “ugly stage” of hair growth whether it be while wearing a TWO or waiting for your starter locs to grow.

Big Chop
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Big Chop

If you've decided to big chop, congratulations! During this stage, you’re learning about your hair texture and should be trying different products to make sure it remains moisturized. Depending on how much of your hair that you’ve cut, your hair may or may not be long enough to braid down for a crochet style. If you have less than 2-3 inches of hair, you should opt for a crochet wig. I like pre-wigs, you can choose the style, color and cut of the crochet hair. Be sure to remove the wig every night to moisturize your hair and deep condition once a week.


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There are several ways to start locs. Some begin with two strand twists. Even if your straightened hair is collarbone length, the shrinkage you’ll experience with newly formed twists can cause your hair to appear much shorter than it actually is. For this reason, some refer to it as the ugly stage. To help your hair grow and avoid the look of shorter hair, you can cover your hair with a crochet style. Just like with loose natural hair, you should braid the twists in a cornrow style. Any type of crochet hair can be added from curly looks to long twists. The crochet hair should be removed and reinstalled every 2-3 weeks to allow the twists to be washed and moisturized.

Transitioning to Natural Hair

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The good news is that you can make a smooth transition into a permanent look without sacrificing your current look.

Let us see how you rock crochet styles during your in-between stage by tagging @tisunbeauty on Instagram!

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