A Hair Typing System Guide for Crochet Hair


Hair typing has become popular in the natural hair community. It helps women learn how to take care of their specific hair needs. It becomes even more helpful when choosing crochet hair that blends with your natural hair. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be that girl that tries to blend her hair with a texture that does not match her own….we notice it.

Let’s talk about the most common hair types for black women: Types 3 and 4. I’ll also share my recommendations for crochet hair that most closely matches each type of hair.

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Type 3 Hair

Type 3 Hair

Photo Credit: https://pin.it/44c7s5p4fmu7r3

Curly hair is defined as Type 3. Generally, hair with a ‘S’ shaped pattern is considered curly. However, there are different types of curly hair. Curls that are shiny and loose are called 3A. 3B curls are either natural spiral or corkscrew curls. Type 3C curls are best described and coily with curls.

If you are looking for crochet hair that most closely matches Type 3 hair, try these:

Type 4 Hair

Type 4 Hair

Photo creditL https://pin.it/bvqgxurzoge4h6

Type 4 is very tightly curled hair, often referred to as coiled or kinky. It’s the most common hair type among black women. Like Type 3 hair, there are several variations of Type 4 curls. Type 4A hair is very tightly coiled and when stretched resembles Type 3B curls. As you go further into the Type 4 spectrum, the curl pattern becomes less defined. The curl pattern looks more like a ‘Z’ than an ‘S’.

If you are looking for crochet hair that most closely matches Type 4 hair, try these:

Some women use hair typing to find crochet hair that most closely matches their hair type. Others choose not to and experiment with hair types different from their own.

Crochet hair is inexpensive and comes in a multitude of varieties so that you can experiment and have fun!

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