4 Bad Hair Habits to Break



  1. Too Much Heat

Using too much heat (curling and flat irons) damages your hair. The best way to prevent this is by using a heat protectant and only taking the curling or flat iron (especially) through your hair once and not twice or more. Also when using a flat iron, also use a comb to run behind the flat iron as you pull down. That way, you know your hair isn’t tangled, etc.

  1. Using Harsh Shampoos

There are many ingredients in hair care products that are harmful to us and we don’t even know it. It smells great and we immediately fall in love with it (especially when its achieving the look that we want) and though that’s fab, it isn't best. 

Sulfates and parabens damage our hair and typically strip our hair of its natural state. It doesn't matter whether you are natural, relaxed or have a perm – read the ingredients list when purchasing products.

  1. Whats a Treatment?

Most women shampoo and condition their hair thinking that last aspect is enough, but it isn't. Our hair gets dried out and becomes fragile, especially during the winter months.

It’s vital that deep conditioning, protein and/or moisture treatments are apart of your regimen. Once a week will do it for most unless your hair is already damaged. If so deep condition 2 to 3 times per week and that will help tremendously.

  1. Ends Neglected

 Neglected ends lead to cutting off a lot of hair (usually). Split ends just keep splitting. Most stylists and hair professionals say that every six weeks is enough time between trimmings, but it truly comes down to the nature of your hair and what your goals are for length retention. If your hair has been processed with chemicals recently, then you may need more trims as it grows out.

 Ladies, overall there are so many options and tips that can be given to assist us in taking better care of our hair. Tisun will be providing you tips through our blog that help you have a healthy regimen.


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