Skittles Inspired Braids






Trend alert! Trend alert! A new cool hair trend has come about and it looks like it is going to be a hit. This hairstyle will suit anyone and is easy to achieve.

Ombre hair has been a big trend for around 5 years now. It has been exhibited in many different ways -  in curls, straight, wavy and short hairstyles. For people with afro-kinky textures this style can only be achieved though weave if you don’t want to dye your hair. But guess what - this has all changed with this exciting new trend.

Ombre coloured braids are such a unique way to style braids.

For all the natural sistas out there, braids are also a great choice for a protective style. Sometimes protective styles can be boring but by adding colour, you can vamp up any look.

You can achieve this look by using any braiding hair, but I recommend the ‘Janet Collection Braiding Hair’. This can be purchased on Tisun Beauty.

When you have achieved the desired look, you can use temporary spray dyes to get numerous different looks and styles. The dye will fade away in a couple of days, which is great for people who want this hairstyle for a short period of time.

You can play around with the colours and mix them together to get a more unique look. The amount of hairstyles you can do with this braiding hair is endless - from simple box braids to a braided pony tail. 







Chanel Taylor is a young fashion and beauty blogger from London. She runs a  successful blog called ‘Chanelly Girl’ and has featured in online publications such as Elle, Vogue AND E Online. Her passions include writing about hair, makeup, fashion, DIY projects, and studying fashion design at London College of Fashion.



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