2020 Hair Trends for Crochet


Happy New Year! With the new year, comes new trends in fashion and style. Crochet hairstyles continue to remain popular among protective styles. At the same time, women are looking for versatility while protecting their natural tresses.

In 2020, styles like braids, curls and twists will remain popular. However, these styles will continue to trend but with a new twist.

Check out how crochet styles are taking over the new year.



Loc It Up

Crochet wearers fell in love with faux locs over the past couple of years. From traditional “dreadloc” styles to waist length goddess locs, women explored many different loc looks using crochet styles. This year, loc’d looks remain popular. Hair brands are now producing shorter lengths, new colors and textures. Be the first this year to go a step beyond ombré coloring. Try mixing several colors with a trendy cut to elevate this look.



Mix It Up

Can’t decide between braids or curls? Do both! Not only is this style a time saver, but it also makes curly styles more interesting. In 2020, tribal braids, cornrows and box braids will continue to be popular. Mixing braids and crochet styles still provide the protection of your natural hair without covering the entire head. As long as the braids are maintained, you can switch the curly hair out to preserve the style and wear it longer.



Step Outside of the Box

Ever wondered if blondes have more fun? Are redheads the life of the party? You won’t know until you try. 2020 is the perfect time to step outside of the box. The best thing about crochet styles is that you can try new looks without damaging your hair. Use a wide toothed comb to add volume to curly styles to create a stand out look. Messy buns have been a go-to look for years. This year, add height and color to your bun using crochet hair. Don’t be afraid to try kanekelon hair in colors like blonde for a big textured look.

This year is about taking popular trends of previous years to a new level. Play around with color, volume and length. We’d love to see how you style your crochets in 2020.

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