Protective Styling? Keep Your Edges In Tact!


A woman’s hair is her identity. Who wants bald edges? That will happen if you don’t protect them. For example, I recently got my hair braided and was super worried about my edges. One side of my head is much more sensitive than the other. So I asked my stylist to leave alone my edges and to not braid tight around that area.

I would much rather get the parameter redone than to have my edges pulled out. So ladies, here are some tips that will help you keep your edges intact while utilizing protective styles this spring/summer. The hair around our hairline is extremely sensitive and fragile. Your stylist will need to be extra careful when styling your hair. I know you love them, but honey they don’t do any good for your edges. If this isn’t an option or you aren’t willing to try it, then go for wigs and weaves that are looser. Speak with your stylist about the braiding method, pattern, and style before sewing in your weave. 

  1. Retire Weave & Wigs
  1. Be Gentle
  1. Keep Your Extensions Lightweight
  1. Keep Styles Loose

Following these four tips and our details above will help you keep your edges from exile!

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