How to Make Protective Styles Last


For many women, protective styles are an awesome method for length retention. There are women who wear protective styles for a few weeks and some for a few months. It just depends on the style and how often you want to change your style.

 Long-term protective styling is fairly easy to achieve - it just depends on you. Some women get bored very easily and others don’t. For you ladies who do get bored with hairstyles, quickly try the following tips to make your styles last.

  • Don’t Jump

If you usually wear a protective style for a week or two, don’t jump and attempt to keep it in for a month. Gradually work your way up to that one-month mark. Learn what you and your hair can handle.

  • Small Sections

If you like braids or twists try making the individual twists or braids smaller. This size is better for long-term styling.

  • Perimeter

Whenever you use protective styling with twists and braids, redoing your perimeter/crown is your saving grace. So basically when you reach four weeks, redo the perimeter and do it again at 8 weeks. Your hairline, nape and edges are considered the perimeter of your head.


Some women wash their hair during protective styling and others don’t. That is a personal choice and based on what your hair can handle. There are dry shampoos that can be used if you do not want to use water.

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