How to Remove Protective Styles


You are guaranteed to have large amounts of hair growth during protective styling. These styles typically last up to 8 weeks or sometimes more. Whether you are using your own hair or extensions, your hair can break off and be tangled, when you remove the style.

Here are a few tips to minimize breakage and tangling your hair during the removal process:

  • Patience

If you are in a rush to take out your hair, it usually means that you’re not doing it properly. Wait until you have the proper amount of time (an hour or more).

  • Add Moisture

It is easier to take protective styles out whenever you add oil or a little water.

  • Start at the Ends

During the process of removing braids or twists start from the end of your hair and work your way up. If you know where your hair ends within the extension you can always cut half of the extension off and start from there.

  • Tangles? Dont Panic!

As your hair grows even if you are careful, it will and can still tangle. It’s no biggie - just take a deep breath! Whenever washing your hair, use a detangler first and then shampoo and style.



These tips are very basic ways to care for your hair when removing protective hair styles.

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