What Causes Hair Breakage?

by Nakisha Washington

Hair breakage can be caused by several factors such as hair care, weather, styling and even products. Our hair around the perimeter, or edges, is delicate and especially prone to breakage. When protective styles are installed and styled properly, they can help repair damaged hair and aid in growth. However, when not installed properly, protective styles can do more damage to your hair than good.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why your hair is breaking even if you’ve been wearing protective styles.

Your Braid Pattern Is Breaking Your Hair

The foundation, or base of your crochet style is important. The base can make or break your hairstyle. A solid base helps the style lay flatter resulting in a natural looking install. It also helps the hair move more naturally and reduces shedding. Most importantly, a properly installed base will prevent hair breakage. If you are experiencing breakage along the edges, leave the edges unbraided for your next crochet style. Try big curly hair that falls around the perimeter of your hairline to conceal the edges and allow them to breathe.

Your Hairstyles Are Stressful

Whether you’re hitting the gym or for a night out on the town, updos and ponytails are go-to styles with crochet braids. Consistently pulling your hair up will cause shedding and breakage. One way to tell if your hair is breaking is to look for white bulbs at the roots of your hair. This means that your hair is being pulled from the root. If you wear braid/loc/twist, crochet styles, limit the number of days that you pull the hair up. If you decide to pull it up, style it to leave tendrils out around the perimeter.

Your Hair is Dry

Wearing a protective style does not mean that you should neglect your natural hair. The style only helps with hair growth if you maintain a healthy hair care routine before, during and after crochet installations. Between installs, ensure that your ends are trimmed and a moisturizing deep treatment is done. For extremely dry hair, use a spray bottle with water and essential oils to wet the natural hair daily. Simply spray the braids by finger parting each section individually. Professional steam treatments are great for dry hair, especially in the winter.

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