The Perfect Twistout


Learning to care for your natural hair can seem like a daunting task but learning healthy styles and techniques will make it much easier.

Perfecting the craft of doing twists outs will make your natural hair journey and lifestyle much easier to maintain here is a step by step breakdown of the type of twists outs and the tools needed to accomplish the perfect look. Before we jump into that let’s go over the different types of twist outs you can do.

Single Strand/ Finger Coils – Begin at the root and twist hair inward or outward around your finger until you form a coil shape. Make sure hair is properly moisturized to make the style successful.

Two- Strand Twists – This is the most common type of twist out. Using two strands instead of one take small sections of hair and divide it into two sections. Stretch the hair out and twist it together from roots to ends mimicking a plait. Apply a small amount of gel to the ends and twirl the end into and curl using your finger.

Flat Twists – Essentially two- strand twist but as cornrows that give your natural curls mega volume and definition. Part the hair into a row, then take two strands and twist over and under all the way to the ends, collecting more hair into the two strands while keeping twists flat to the scalp.

Even though every twist out will give you a different result and curl definition you need to follow a couple of the same steps to achieve each style perfectly.

First and foremost to ensure you get the best results possible start with clean, conditioned, and hydrated hair.

After you decide which twist out style you want choose a great leave-in conditioner, such as the Camille Rose Coconut Water Leave-in Detangling Conditioner, and oil to make sure your hair is detangled, well- hydrated but not over saturated. Split into sections and detangle using a widetooth comb for the best results before you begin the twisting.

Once you’ve successfully detangled your hair you should use your favorite twisting butter, I’d recommend the Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter, while hair is still a bit damp, and twist it into your preferred style. To help seal in the twists apply oil to the ends and curl the ends around your finger.

When finished the twist out can be left in for days while it sets and dries. Whenever you’re ready to take your hair down apply a light amount of oil to your hand and unravel from the top and then going back in to separate the strands to create more volume and a fuller style.



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