• Gingers (Not Blondes) Have More Fun!!

    Rihanna With celebrity culture influencing our everyday fashion and hair styling choices, its always exciting to see new fun hair trends to try out. Are you someone who likes cool and daring new colours to try? Then you will love this new trend! In the music video, Rihanna sports an orange hairdo, with tones of red and ginger, which is a colour that hasn’t...
  • Want Shiny Tresses? Kick Off Summer With This Regimen!

    Temperatures are warming up and natural hair is finally OUT! Take this opportunity to use products that may not work for you in winter. Typically, lighter moisturizers and heavy oils work well as it starts to get warmer.
  • Protective Styling? Keep Your Edges In Tact!

    A woman’s hair is her identity. Who wants bald edges? That will happen if you don’t protect them. For example, I recently got my hair braided and was super worried about my edges. One side of my head is much more sensitive than the other. So I asked my stylist to leave alone my edges and to not braid tight around that area.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Sales

    If you're considering buying your one true love the many birds, rings, maids, dancing ladies, leaping lords, piping pipers and drumming drummers featured in "The Twelve Days Of Christmas," you might want to rethink your shopping plans.
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