Mailbag: How to Avoid Hair Loss When Wearing Crochet Styles

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We love crochet styles…especially in the summer! We are more than halfway through the summer and if you’re like me, you’ve tried several crochet looks by now. Protective styles are great, but are you taking care of your natural hair as well?

This week, we are answering questions from our readers about finding the balance between wearing amazing protective styles and natural hair care.

Tisun Beauty Reader: Help! I love crochet styles and have worn them back to back for about six months. I’ve deep conditioned my hair between installs but my hair is breaking, especially in the middle and around the edges. Why am I experiencing hair loss while wearing a protective style?

Tisun Beauty: I get it, protective styles are supposed to protect your hair, right? Actually, that’s only half true. The style alone is not what protects your hair. A hair care regimen, that includes protective styles, is what helps you maintain strong, healthy, growing hair. In addition to regular trims and deep conditioning treatments, you should choose protective styles that are not stressful to the hair.

Here are some tips to remember when installing crochet styles:

Depending on the style, do not braid the perimeter of your hair. This will prevent stress around your edges that can cause breakage. For curly styles, blending your edges with the crochet hair will create a more natural look.

Protect your crown! The hair at the crown of your head can break easily if braided too tightly or the crochet hair is too heavy in that area. Also avoid pulling the hair into tight ponytails in that area. At night, the hair should be free and secured in a bonnet.

Tisun Beauty Reader: I’ve worn a set of curly crochet braids for 5 weeks. I noticed that my hair has grown a lot but it is EXTREMELY dry! How can I ensure my hair is moisturized while wearing crochet braids?

Tisun Beauty: The good news is that your struggle is not uncommon among women that frequently wear crochet styles.

With that, there are several things that you can do to keep your hair moisturized while wearing your crochet installation:

Prior to having your crochet style installed, be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment. After deep conditioning, try the LOC method. You may have to try different products over time to find out what works best for your hair type.

Wash your scalp! Water is the best moisturizer. The great thing about using synthetic hair for your install is that it dries very quickly. You can cleanse your scalp, which is great for your natural hair, and the synthetic hair will be dry in about a half hour or less.

Shorten the length of time that you wear your crochet style. If your hair is really dry, you should have your hair redone every 2-4 weeks.

I hope these tips are helpful. Remember, “good hair” is healthy hair. No protective style will grow your hair if you do not maintain proper hair care maintenance before, during and after installation.

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