Loc’d and Loaded: Crochet Faux Locs Styles and More!


If you Google low maintenance hairstyles for women of color, locs are one of the first options. However, the decision to permanently loc your hair isn’t usually made overnight. Crochet loc styles have become popular because they provide the option to wear the look and enjoy the convenience of the style without committing long term.

As with any popular style, many variations have emerged. There are faux locs, goddess locs/gypsy locs and depending on where you live, they have many other names.

I’ve created a cheat sheet for you to share with your stylist about the different types of locs, styles, as well as maintenance and hair type recommendations.

Faux Locs

Faux locs


Faux (pronounced ‘foe’) locs are where it all began. The style is inexpensive, the hair is lightweight and can be typically be achieved in less than 4 hours....what’s not to love? Unlike other loc styles, faux locs have blunt ends to mimic traditional natural locs. Brands offer textures ranging from silky to kinky to blend with all hair types. The variety also allows the opportunity to experiment with colors and hair types different from your own. For a natural look, hair around the perimeter can be braided individually. Crochet locs are woven into the braid so that the locs look as if they are growing out of your scalp!

By adding hair accessories like charms and rope, you can have fun and personalize this style.

To recreate this look, try:

Goddess/Gypsy Locs

Goddess locs are long, flowing and carefree. Unlike faux locs, they are not sealed at the ends. Instead, they're open, wavy ends. Wavy hair is incorporated throughout the style. Depending on the look you’re going for, you and your stylist can determine if more or less wavy hair should be added.

Goddess/Gypsy Locs

Gypsy locs are similar to goddess locs in that wavy hair is added throughout the style. However, with Gypsy locs more than one texture of wavy hair is added. This gives the style a very natural look and feel.

To recreate this look, try these brands:

Loc Styling and Maintenance
Loc Styling & Maintenance

Crochet loc styles are very low maintenance and fun to style. Synthetic hair is lightweight. Wearing updos does not add additional stress to your natural hair. The style can be worn six to nine weeks. Actually, locs begin to look even more natural as they age. If you need to wash your hair, remember to focus on cleaning your scalp and not washing the hair. Wanna skip the hassle of a full wash day? I recommend using a dry shampoo.


Protect your locs with a bonnet at night and keep your natural hair moisturized by using a daily moisturizing spray.

When wearing loc styles that include wavy hair, be sure to detangle the wavy hair at night, especially when rocking longer lengths.

If you’re vacationing and need to revive your locs after swimming, use mousse to help the hair return to its original state. Mousse also helps your natural hair blend into the crochet loc.

Planning to try any of these loc styles? Share your pics with us on Instagram and tag @tisunbeauty.

Tune in next week where I’ll catch up with everyday women to get the low down on the ins and outs of crochet styles!

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