Kanekalon Hair: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


“Is that all your hair girl?” is the ultimate compliment to any woman that wears extensions. Crochet styles are popular in part because the hair types closely match those of African American textures. Kanekalon is a synthetic texture of hair that blends seamlessly with 4b/c hair types. For that reason, many women use kanekalon hair for braids, twists and to create curly or straight styles.

A few months ago, I decided to try kanekalon hair to create a super long textured look. Check out my experience with the hair.

The Good

Kanekalon Hair

“They’re crochets” I found myself telling women everywhere I went in response to the the curious stares to determine if all 22 inches of kinky tresses were flowing from my actual scalp. I left hair out around my perimeter and it blended perfectly with my own blown out 4c hair. Here’s what I loved about the hair/style:

  • It matched my hair texture and color flawlessly.
  • The hair creates a very full look (definitely a plus if you love big hair), but is very lightweight
  • I could style the hair in several ways like twists, a ponytail and (if I had the patience) setting with perm rods.
  • The hair looks better with time so the longer you wear it, the more you’ll love it.
  • This style doesn’t require any additional products. Once the hair is installed, other than scalp maintenance, you don’t need to add daily styling products.

The Bad

Kanekalon Hair.

Some women choose to wear crochet styles to give their natural hair a break. Others use protective styles to save time and avoid daily/weekly hours long styling routines. If you are looking for a low maintenance style, I’ll be honest, this style requires lots of upkeep: Here’s the truth about maintenance:

  • You will have to comb/brush this hair daily (I kept a wide tooth comb with me at all times).
  • The hair sheds… often.
  • Although some brands of kanekalon hair allow for mild heat to be used, it ruins the look of the hair. So, if the hair swells and you prefer a sleek look, flat ironing will not help. 

The Ugly

Kanekalon Hair

The most common issue with kanekelon hair is that it mattes like crazy! My experience was no different. Over the course of the 4 weeks that I wore the style, I found a few ways to help reduce matting:

  • At night, detangle the hair by combing with a wide tooth comb and twisting in jumbo twists.
  • Wear the hair in one direction. Instead of pulling the hair over my shoulders, I combed the hair in the same direction to hand down my back.
  • The hair usually mattes around the nape area so avoid scarves or heavy material in that area.

Overall, I LOVED the style and it’s the most natural looking crochet hair that I’ve worn. Although the style requires maintenance, considering the cost of the hair and the unmatched blendability, it's definitely worth the additional effort.

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