Gingers (Not Blondes) Have More Fun!!


 With celebrity culture influencing our everyday fashion and hair styling choices, its always exciting to see new fun hair trends to try out.

Are you someone who likes cool and daring new colours to try? Then you will love this new trend!

In the music video, Rihanna sports an orange hairdo, with tones of red and ginger, which is a colour that hasn’t been debuted by many celebrities - except from a sudden rise this year.




Up and coming singer SZA is known for her gorgeous long locks of hair. Earlier this year, she took a brave fashion risk and also went ginger.

I can see this Ginger hair trend becoming big in the next months.


Tumblr and other inspiration-fueled websites such as Pinterest are already starting to show more people trying out this trend.



If you are not as adventurous as Rihanna, you can also try toning the colour down or possibly dying the roots darker for an ombre effect.

You can achieve these colours by buying a box dye. If you’re a bit hesitant, you can use temporary hair dye, hair spray or add coloured extensions to your hair.

To get SZA’s kinky orange hairstyle, simply use Déjà Vu Perm Kinky Yaki in Colour 30 Auburn. This hair is very affordable as well, which is a pro. You can add a few curls using a curling wand or by doing a braid-out for effortless curls.

This hair can be purchased at Tisun Beauty.



       AUTHOR BIO:

Chanel Taylor is a young fashion and beauty blogger from London. She runs a  successful blog called ‘Chanelly Girl’ and has featured in online publications such as Elle, Vogue AND E Online. Her passions include writing about hair, makeup, fashion, DIY projects, and studying fashion design at London College of Fashion.


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