3 Protective Styles To Try During Social Distancing


Over the course of the past few weeks, our lives have changed significantly as a result of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. Most people are staying home in self-quarantine to practice social distancing. Even for those that are not, there is not much to do as restaurants, malls and movie theaters have closed. Not to mention, most people are working remotely.

Although we are not going out as much right now, it does not mean that we should slack up on our haircare. Actually, it’s the perfect time to try new protective styles and take extra care of our natural tresses.

Go online and order different types of hair that you’ve always wanted to try! You can also log on to YouTube and try installing crochet styles yourself.

Here are three styles to try while you have the time:

Goddess Locs

If you work in a conservative environment, you may not have the opportunity to experiment with new hair trends often. Goddess locs have been trending since 2019 and show no signs of slowing down. You can combine crochet faux locs, curly/wavy hair and even crochet box braids to create this carefree look. Add color and hair jewelry to customize your style. Now is the time to go for longer lengths that you may not be able to wear for work. You can even install a few bleach blonde locs throughout the style.

Long, Voluminous Waves

Another look to try are long and voluminous waves. Use this time in the house to experiment with the upkeep of this style. You can try two-strand twisting at night to find out if it perseveres the waves. You can also try flexirods to create tighter wave patterns. Add additional hair until you reach the desired fullness and length.

Now is a good time to try different brands of edge takers on your natural hair. There’s nothing worse than using a new product only to find out that it does not work mid-day.

Go Blonde

Do blondes really have more fun? There’s no better time to find out than now. Crochet hair comes in a variety of blondes from golden, honey to bleached. Mix 2-3 blonde varieties to create a unique style. If your natural hair is not colored, you can leave the perimeter out to create an ombré look to blend. You could also not leave any hair out for a full out protective style. Whatever method you choose, have fun with it!

What protective crochet styles are you trying during this time of social distancing? Show us by tagging @tisunbeauty on Instagram.

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