3 Hair Tips for Fall


It doesn’t matter if your hair is transitioning, natural, relaxed or currently protected with weave. As the seasons change, you want to focus on protecting your hair from frigid weather you may encounter. During the colder months, it is extremely important to protect the ends of your hair. The most popular tips for end-protection is protective styling, but you can also protect your hair by using certain fabrics. Silk scarfs, head wraps and even silk pillow cases can help your hair remain soft and retain moisture. 


It’s always important to get rid of split and brittle ends, but especially after we depart summer. Some suggest trimming ends of hair every six to eight weeks, and others say it isn’t necessary to do it that often. No one schedule fits each woman. My advice to you is whenever you notice your ends are splitting and damaged, grab the scissors. 

Seal the Moisture 

Our hair is forced to deal with the cold weather, so we must care for it. Most women (especially my naturalista’s) think washing their hair is enough to retain moisture, but ladies it’s not.  My favorite go-to method for adding extra moisture is using my favorite Leave-In Conditioner, Knot Today (which can be found in our store) and then using my favorite oil to seal it. I use coconut oil, jojoba oil or even olive oil. Another great method - that I haven’t used, but it seems to be popular - is using shea butter after your wash or leave-in conditioner instead of an oil. Find you’re too busy to do one of these steps before starting your day? Try this. After styling your hair, grab a water bottle and mist your hair. Yes, I said mist. Spray but spray lightly. Water and moisturizers add moisture. Oils or butter products seals the moisture in your hair.  As you keep you hair moisturized, you can remain as fabulous as you were in the summer months. 

Protective Styling 

This is by far my favorite go-to method for fall protection. Sengalese twist and braids are what keep me motivated and going. I did these styles when I was relaxed and even more so in the last year of being natural. The best part of these styles (which can be expensive) is that you can achieve multiple styles, they fit almost anyone (and any hair type/length), and they LAST for at least 8 weeks. How long you leave them in comes down to personal preference but I usually can go 12 weeks and they still look good (if i wrap them at night). 
Till next time, ladies!

[Photo Credit: Dhanan Sekhar Edathara / Flickr]

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